Camo Paint - Stretched Mindz

Camo Paint

As a child I’d play at Action Man..
And save the world each day
Killing all the commie scum
Making all Ok.

My friend and I would crawl along
In fields behind my house,
Avoiding all the pseudo mines,
As silent as a mouse.

But now I'm here in all this mess
Encased in walls of death.
Air-raid sirens fill my ears
I'm fighting for my breath.

My friend he died two days ago.
The day the war began
So many died I dare not count
I think that no-one can.

The radio says the war is lost.
The aliens have won.
But in this place where I now stand
is my and this here gun.

And I wont hand my life away
Without a drop of blood.
I’ll kill the things that shot my friend
They know of course I would.

Camo paint and plastic guns
Replaced by blood and steel.
The games of child hood fantasy
Are now the games for real.