blood - Stretched Mindz


You say you want the blood from me
I'll shout and scream and run away
And hide inside a kettle drum
Panicking I'll suck my thumb
I hear your voice inside my head,
Telling me I should be dead
And so I tell that voice a rhyme
That I made up whilst in the Rhine
'Take a rock that’s nice and flat,
And place it on a strangled cat.
Then sing a song that I have wrote,
And all at once you'll have a goat.'
But goat's ain’t what you really need
You want my blood to grow a seed.
I’d like to help you if I could
But I would like to keep my blood.
If you want blood then try south Spain
And if you rush you’ll catch the plane.
Just don’t ask me I need it so
Otherwise how can I grow
And be become tall like Mr Benn
And own a silver fountain pen.