Sad - Stretched Mindz


I look into his eyes, he's sad..
Tears well from deep inside, far too sad..
Why does he cry so hard, why's he so sad.
Is it me.

He used to laugh, and smile.
He used to run, and hide
He used to shout, and scream,
With me.

But now he just sits, all alone
Head wrapped in arms, so alone
And cry's a thousand tears, on his own
Because, of me.

For I was the one who took his loved ones away
For I was the one who sent the world to its grave
For I was the one… Just me.

I pressed the button.
Launched the bombs,
Released the plague,
Poisoned the air,
And sent the whole damned world
Pleading to its grave

I wish I could hold him
Take him home
Sit and talk with him
Undo all that I’ve done
And be with my son