Why - Stretched Mindz


Have you ever sat and wondered why
The birds can hang high in the sky?
Yet man with all his mental skills
Can’t fly without metallic frills.

Some things they bug me night and day
Like why do horses munch on hay?
Why trees are green and waters blue?
Why there’s a hole in my left shoe?

And why is fart a naughty word?
When circumflex is more absurd?
And how do bee's stop gravity?
And why do wasps only sting me?

Why stars are stars and mud is mud?
Why peckers peck at lice from wood?
Why plastic cups have rings around?
Why water falls make splashing sounds?

When do odd socks just disappear?
And why can't priests drink pints of beer.
Where do missing minutes go?
And why is time sometimes so slow?

I once thought that my mind was clear
And then I met a blue reindeer.
My life’s now just engrossed in 'why'
It will be so until I die