Dragons - Stretched Mindz


Once upon so long ago,
In a place that I once knew.
Where Humans danced and Dragons sang,
And lived in peace throughout the land.
Until the knight from distant shore,
So Horrified at what he saw.
He swore he'd slay the dragon hoard,
That terrified the local lord.
And so the knight began his quest,
To rid the land from evil pests.
And with is trusty sword in hand
He hacked his way across the land.
Slaying all the beasts he met,
With dragons blood his clothes were wet.
Until he met the Dragon king,
A monstrous beast with golden wings.
The dragon stood with scales of gold,
His eyes stared from another world
He stood there tall in a regal pose
While wisps of smoke drift from his nose..
Before him was the noble knight,
With sword in hand, a striking sight
And in between a child could save,
Both man and beast from early grave.
"Be ware fair child" the knight spoke out,
"The evil beast with fiery snout"
"Will eat you up and end your life,
Twill even take your future wife"
The child looked up towards the king,
And saw the one who used to sing.
Remembered times before the knight,
Before dragons were forced to fight.
And looked towards the knight and said.
The fears you have are in your head
Dragons have nice and peaceful hearts
Unlike their human counterparts
The knight decreed that this was false,
And climbed upon his trusty horse.
The battle tween the king and knight,
Was the most bloodthirsty fight.
But in no time the blood was spilled,
The knight stood tall, the dragon killed.
The dragons that were still alive,
Now hid away from human eyes.
And only walked in Human form,
Wearing hoods to hide their golden horns.
The Dragon folk became just myth,
A thing to scare small children with.
But I know that they are still here,
For I’m that child that stood tall there
Between Dragon King and noble knight,
I was there, I saw the fight.
And ‘cause I tried to save their race,
All of them they know my face
The knight was just doing his job,
I know this now but still I sob
At all that waste of gentle folk,
Because their skin, the way they spoke.
And all because the knight had feared.
And so the Dragons disappeared